Much more informative and valuable than brochures, white papers can be used to generate leads, edge out your competition for bids, and position your business as an authority in your industry. Best of all, white papers reports can be leveraged across multiple marketing platforms. If professionally written, they can:

  • Be used for B2B and B2C sales​
  • Boost response rates from opt-in forms and landing pages
  • Be given as bonus material handouts at conferences and speaking events
  • Be used in content marketing as lead magnets

White Papers Are A Proven Tool For Generating Quality Leads Online And Offline

White papers have incredible viral marketing potential. According to a 2011 study by Eccolo Media, white papers are shared more than any other marketing material (online or offline) with a whopping 89% of recipients passing them along to others and 33% sharing them with three or more people.

Did you know there are also white paper syndication networks that can get your report in front of your target customers and get even more results? Add this to the viral nature of white papers and you have a non-stop sales tool.

White Papers Have Enormous Influence On Decision Makers

Did you know that white papers beat out direct mail and social media when it comes to influencing sales decisions? A 2011 survey by Eccolo Media revealed the following:

  • check
    Prospects turn to white papers when researching solutions and/or making large purchasing decisions.
  • check
    65% of business people surveyed rated white papers as “extremely influential”.
  • check
    When asked to compare the perceived influence of content types relative to one another, respondents still seem to regard the white paper as superior to other forms of marketing collateral.
  • check
    64% of those surveyed considered receiving a white paper from a personal contact to be influential in sales decisions.

Which Of These Do You Need Help Writing?

​We can help you decide and write the report best suited for your business goals.


A report that instructs or informs prospects and introduces your products or services. (Example: “Choosing and Designing a Sprinkler System” white paper for a landscaping company wanting to attract installation business).

lead magnets

A valuable report offered via a web page in exchange for visitor’s name and email address.


Presents the common problems your target audience is facing and explains the solutions your business offers to help them.


Educating your prospects on industry related topics. These could be ‘how to’ guides, one-page checklists or ebooks.


Magazine style report which presents the benefits of your business and product or services in an editorial format.

​White Paper Report and Lead Magnet Portfolio

Check out some of our white paper reports and lead magnets below

White Paper Reports or Lead Magnets in 3 Easy Steps

Here is a summarized version of our process for writing web copy. For a more in depth look into how we work with clients click here.

  • 1
    We take the time to research your business, target market and the unique message you want to convey.
  • 2
    Our team of experienced copywriters and editors will hand-craft the first draft version of your white paper report.
  • 3
    You’ll review the copy and request changes or edits to the copy, which we’ll happily and promptly make.

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