What Are Sales Pages
And Do You Need One?

A sales page is a standalone page that uses persuasive copy to convert visitors into customers and clients. Whether the sales page is a long-form or short-form page (more on that in a moment), the goal is always the same, to generate sales.

Most sales pages follow a tried-and-tested formula and include many of the same elements, such as: a compelling headline, call to action, testimonials, storytelling, features and benefits, a risk-reversal guarantee, and more.

How do you know if you need a sales page? It depends on what your goals and marketing objectives are. A professionally written sales page can help you to:

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    Sell out a seminar or live event
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    Successfully launch a product online
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    Attract more signups to a membership program
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    Sell a high-priced course or coaching program
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    Increase the sales of a low-converting offer

What Can You Sell With A Sales Page?

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    ​Online courses
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    ​Membership sites
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    ​Home study courses
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    ​Physical products
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    ​Live seminars
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    ​High-end coaching programs

Why Are Long-Form
Sales Pages So Long?

A ​long-form sales page is a lengthy page that explains what is being sold in as much detail as necessary. But why go into so much detail? Here are three situations where you should consider using a long-form sales page:

1. Your product or service is complicated
2. Your product or service is expensive to buy
3. Your product or service contains a lot of features

The goal of the long-form sales page is to provide enough information so your visitor can make an informed decision, and to justify their expensive purchase.

Of course, your sales page can be short, too. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you decide on the ideal length your sales page needs to be.

Your Own High-Converting
Sales Page Without The Hy

You’ve seen them before. Sales pages that are full of outrageous claims, big red headings, highlighted words, and lots of exclamation marks!

These sales pages are typically used by unethical marketers to promote scammy or questionable products. They give sales pages a bad name. And that’s a shame because sales pages can be super effective for ethical and trustworthy businesses who want to generate more sales.

Creating a professional and high-converting sales page is possible. You don’t have to resort to using hype, outrageous claims or crappy design. Just look at some of the well-written and beautifully designed examples in our portfolio below.

Keep reading to discover some of our client’s testimonials who hired us to write their sales page copy.

​Sales Page Portfolio

Made $1.2 Million

He is by far the best copywriter I have ever worked with, and I've worked with a few in my life. His copy is excellent. As a matter of fact, for Affiliate Classroom, he's helped me pull in over $1.2 million in just 2 years (that's $50,000 a month for 2 whole years) and it continues to grow every day. He's great to work with, he's fast, quick, he meets his deadlines. So if you're looking for a copywriter, definitely pick Jesse.

​Anik Singal - Founder of ​Lurn.com

Meet Your Expert Sales Page Copywriters

Our team of experienced copywriters and editors take the time to research your business, target audience and the unique message you want to convey, before writing high-converting sales page copy.


Senior Copywriter

Chief Copywriter

Senior Copywriter

Get A Successful Sales Page In 3 Easy Steps

Here is a summary of our process for sales page copywriting.
For a more in-depth look into how we work with clients
click here.

  • 1
    We take the time to research your business, target market and the unique message you want to convey.
  • 2
    Our team of experienced copywriters and editors will hand-craft the first draft version of your website copy.
  • 3
    You’ll review the copy and request changes or edits to the copy, which we’ll happily and promptly make.

$180,000 In Sales In 5 Weeks

I've hired Jesse a number of times to write the sales copy for several of my websites that sell premium priced home study courses in the property investing niche. For example, Jesse wrote the sales copy for my home study course 'Property Investing Masters' and within the first 30 days his copy generated over $180,000 in sales.

Jesse also gave me some specific advice on how to put together one particular promotion. Thanks to his advice, the promotion was a huge success and resulted in over $113,000 in sales in just 5 weeks. Jesse is a terrific copywriter and someone I highly recommend!

Hans Jakobi - Property investor and author of How To Be Rich and
Happy on Your Income

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