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What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page used to either capture your visitors contact information or to sell a specific product or service.

If you’re doing any type of marketing online, and you want to generate more sales, leads and conversions, then you really should be using landing pages. Let me explain…



Why are landing pages so effective?

Too many website owners direct their advertising, social media or email traffic to their homepage. This is a huge mistake. Especially when you could get up to a 300% higher conversion rate (more leads and sales) if you send visitors to a landing page instead.

Here’s a personal case study…

Last week I searched Google for “Macbook Pro” because I was looking to buy a new laptop computer. The first Google Adwords headline I saw read “Macbook Pro 70% off”. It matched what I was looking for, so I clicked the ad.

However, instead of arriving at a webpage with information about “Macbook Pro” laptops and how to order one, I found myself at the homepage of a computer warehouse. There were hundreds of links to PC computers and hardware but nothing about Macbook Pro computers! I quickly left the website, never to return.

Don’t make the same mistake! If you’re doing any kind of marketing online, send visitors to a landing page that matches your advertising message, not to your generic homepage.

You’ll naturally turn more visitors into sales when you send them to a landing page with a targeted offer that matches the ad they clicked on, as opposed to a general homepage.

Landing pages can convert up to 300%
more visitors into leads and sales

We’ve seen up to a 300% increase in conversions when we stopped sending traffic to a homepage and directed them to a professionally written landing page instead.

Best of all, landing pages are like the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of online marketing because they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to…

  • Generate leads and enquiries
  • Sell any product or service
  • Promote an affiliate offer
  • Market a webinar or live seminar

However, not all landing pages are created equal. Your landing page needs to look good, but more importantly, it needs to influence your visitors to read your message and take action (purchasing, registering or signing up).


Landing pages written by professional
copywriters generate more leads and sales

Your landing pages are a representation of your business and may be assessed by thousands of potential customers online. Therefore, your landing pages must be professionally written and compelling.

You’re spending time, money and effort driving people to your landing page. Don’t allow unprofessional writing to turn away potential sales and customers.

In order to be truly effective, your landing page needs to inform and sell. Our Copywriters have the necessary experience and skill to create landing pages that get your visitors to take action and become leads, sales and clients. Keep reading to find out how we can create a high-converting landing page for you!

Who Is Behind Copywriting Crew And
Why Should You Work With Us?

I’m Jesse Forrest founder and chief copywriter at Copywriting Crew. I’m regarded as one of Australia’s leading copywriters with over 10 years experience in writing for hundreds of satisfied clients from over 150 different industries.

My team of Australian and international copywriters and I provide affordable copywriting services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. We have a track record of writing high-converting copy that turns your visitors into sales, leads and customers.

I’m also a copywriting trainer and have shared my copywriting tips with thousands of business owners at conferences around the world, including the University of Southern California and recently in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, Australia.

How Did Copywriting Crew Come About?

For years, I listened to business owners complain about how difficult it is to find decent, hard-working, affordable and reliable copywriters who could produce bottom line results.

For many clients, their only options were to hire some overpriced advertising agency or an unknown online freelancer with debatable copywriting skills.

Things had to change! So in 2004, I launched Copywriting Crew. Since then we have helped hundreds of clients attract more sales and customers with clear and compelling copywriting. We can help you too. Why not get in touch with us today?


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Why Choose Us? Here Are 6 Great Reasons

Professional Team Of Copywriters

You’ll have a team of experienced Australian and international copywriters collaborating on your project together.

Web Copy That Sells

You’ll receive professional copy that turns your website visitors into buyers. You don’t need fluffy or hypey copy. Our copy is professionally written and generates sales and customers.

Meet Your Deadline Fast

You’ll experience how friendly, reliable and easy to work with we are. What’s more, we deliver copy fast and always meet your deadline on time.

No Charge For Multiple Revisions

You’ll receive up to 2 rounds of revisions, free of charge, to ensure you’re 100% happy with the copy we create for you.

Fixed Price Quote - No Surprises!

You’ll know exactly what your project is going to cost before we work together. So there's no surprises or hidden fee's later on.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’re protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee which means we will keep working on your copy until you’re satisfied.

Ready To Get Started?

Great, Here’s How It Works

  • Get in touch. Use our enquiry form to contact us about your project.
  • Phone consultation. At this stage we’ll discuss your needs and options.
  • Quote and proposal. We send you a fixed price quote and proposal for your approval.
  • Payment and scheduling. You make payment and we add your project to our schedule.
  • Copywriting brief. We send you a document with questions that help us learn more about your business or event, and your target audience.
  • Copywriting begins! Our team of copywriters start working on your project.
  • Proofreading and editing. Our proofreaders and editors check everything with a careful eye.
  • Final approval by Jesse Forrest. Jesse personally reviews and makes the final edit to your copy, ensuring everything meets the highest standards.
  • First draft. We submit the first draft to you for your review.
  • Revisions. If needed, you may request two rounds of revisions within 14 days. We’ll happily make any required changes at no additional cost.
  • Complete! We proofread one more time and deliver the final, polished draft to you.

"$180,000 In Sales"

Jesse Hi this is Hans Jakobi from PropertyInvesting I’ve hired Jesse a number of times to write the sales copy for several of my websites that sell premium priced home study courses in the property investing niche.

For example, Jesse wrote the sales copy for my home study course ‘Property Investing Masters’ and within the first 30 days his copy generated over $180,000 in sales.

Jesse also gave me some specific advice on how to put together one particular promotion. Thanks to his advice, the promotion was a huge success and resulted in over $113,000 in sales in just 5 weeks.

Jesse is a terrific copywriter and someone I highly recommend!


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