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Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jesse Forrest, founder of Copywriting Crew. I’m excited to introduce you to our experienced team and to share with you who we are, what we believe, who we help, and why you should choose to work with us.

We’re a family of copywriters, editors, and proofreaders who specialize in writing professional, engaging and unique copy, quickly and affordably, for our busy clients.

We’ve proudly served hundreds of clients in over 153 industries. Our experienced team of native-English copywriters, copy editors and proofreaders are among the most skilled and reliable professionals in the industry.

We’re confident you’ll find we’re more than capable of supporting your needs with our professional copywriting services. Allow me to introduce myself and some of our senior team members:

Founder and Chief Copywriter
Copywriting Crew

Jesse Forrest (that’s me) leads the team to ensure projects are completed on time and budget. He loves communicating with clients, managing the team and writing copy. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in marketing and spoken at global conferences to companies like Chanel, Sony, Disney and JP Morgan.

Senior Copywriter and Editor
United States

Kelli has been a highly successful copywriter for 22 years. Born and raised in the United States, she has a B.A. literature and creative writing from the University of Arizona. She worked as a copywriter for a large company, running several catalogs as well as serving as editor and supervisor to a team of writers. Now, Kelli shares her direct-response marketing expertise and decades of writing experience to the Copywriting Crew team and our clients.

Senior Copywriter
United Kingdom

Laura has a marketing background and specialised in classical music publishing before becoming a copywriter in 2012. She enjoys the flexibility and variety of working with clients across all industries and likes to build up a good rapport and long-term working relationship with businesses.

Copy Editor
United Kingdom

Jim was an IT programme director with a blue chip consultancy before setting up his own company to give talks on social media and help clients with their digital marketing. After writing a book, Jim moved into copywriting and copyediting and enjoys helping clients make their content even better.

What We Believe In

Creating original and quality content

Every business has a unique message to share. Our goal is to tell your company’s story in an authentic and compelling way, so you stand above your competition and win more clients and customers.

Working quickly and efficiently

We’ve developed processes and procedures to ensure we deliver high-quality copy while meeting our clients’ deadlines.


We follow the latest research to understand what’s working now in the world of online marketing. We’ve developed best practice guides and templates that our team follow when creating your copy, to ensure that it's both creative and proven to work.

Providing an affordable service

Forget fancy offices and chandeliers. We run a lean, mean and efficient team which means we can pass the cost savings onto you. You get quality copy at half the cost of what some of our competitors are charging.

Working better as a team

Magic happens when we combine our research, writing and editing skills to create captivating and professional copy for our awesome clients.

Overwhelming Number Of People
Signing Up For Our First 2 Seminars

Jesse created a landing page for us to get clients to come to a free seminar. He got into our heads and drew out of us exactly who we were targeting, what our clients we’re looking for, and he wrote fantastic words that said it all. The end results was an overwhelming number of people signing up for our first 2 seminars that we ran. Far more than we could ever have imagined. I honestly believe that landing page created such a brilliant first impression, that was the main reason why people signed up.

Vicky Friedman Kuriel - Founder and Managing Director
Eat Play Thrive

Who Do We Help?

We’ve proudly served hundreds of clients from over 153 different industries.
We’ve written copy for big corporations, small business owners, marketing professionals, startups, and solo-entrepreneurs.

We’ve worked with accounting firms, financial planners, property advisors, self-development coaches, business consultants, nonprofits, online marketers, software companies, and registered training organisations to name a few.

Here’s a partial list of some of our more recognisable clients:

Great business to deal with

You were able to understand and write content about our business, which is quite a specific industry. Very easy to interact with, provide information to, review and edit copy prepared and make suggestions about possible changes. The content was prepared in a way that was easy to read by our clients and consumers and was catchy and concise. Great business to deal with, did exactly what we asked for and what they said they would do.

Michael Dullaway - Managing Director
Pearce & Heers

Why Choose Us?

Here are six reasons why clients choose us to write compelling and
professional copy for their websites, marketing, and businesses.


We provide affordable copywriting services for small business owners. With our fixed priced quotes, you’ll know exactly what your project costs before you sign up.

Fresh Content 
Delivered Fast

Due to our streamlined process and productive team, we’re able to complete most copywriting projects within 2 to 4 weeks. Which means you can launch your new website or marketing campaign much sooner.

Professional Native English Copywriters

Our experienced team ofcopywriters are all native English speakers from Australia, Britain, and America. We’re experts at writing clear and compelling copy.

Fresh Content In Your Unique Voice

We take the time to research your business, target market and the unique message you want to convey. Then we create compelling copy that’s written in your unique voice.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re committed to ensuring that you’re thrilled with our work. If you’re not thrilled for any reason, we will provide 2 rounds of revisions, free of charge, within 14 days.

Web Copy
That Converts

We write copy that’s professional, engaging and converts more of your visitors into leads, sales, and customers.

Ready To Get Started?


2-4 James St
NSW, Australia, 2017
Phone: (02) 80057574

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